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4Xploring Let's Explore the Back Country


Summary: Spring Adventure is a 5-day (Monday through Friday) expedition-style trip. There will be camping along the trail, campfires and breathtaking scenery; switchbacks, river crossings and terrain that will vary from 2-track to rock crawling.

Summary: Canyon Views is a 5 day, Monday through Friday overland expedition. The event is limited to 6 qualified vehicles; this trip is unscripted and will be used to determine the possibility of making it an official trip for the 2020 season.

Summary: Are you interested in a multi-day off-road adventure – where the journey and camaraderie are the principal goal? Join us as we take you on an adventure into the unknown and show you what back country extended travel is all about. On this “101” trip we will demonstrate basic overland skills – campsite selection and setup, outdoor cooking, navigation, gps mapping, vehicle prep and recovery. This excursion will be organic; based on trail conditions, weather, scenery and the general consensus of the group. We have a beginning and end point, however what happens between those two points is based on the before mentioned factors.

Summary: Rocks N Woods is a 5-day (Monday through Friday) challenge route trip. You will need to be prepared and self-sufficient.  This is a “base-camp” event, we will take day trips from camp. Jeeps® will break and parts will fail, so you’ll need to know your vehicle well and be able to wrench on it to repair or patch it in order to complete the week.

Summary: The Morrison Trail is an iconic northern WY Jeep trail that should be on your bucket list… if you can stomach a very narrow shelf road and the 28 switchbacks (or so depending on what you count) to get to the panoramic views at the top. 

Summary: Last Man Standing Challenge is a 7 day, Sunday through Saturday, ironman event. No trailers – you MUST drive your rig from the starting point to the final destination. There is a trail everyday in addition to road time to get to the next days locale. This event is limited to 10 vehicles. The LMS Challenge begins in Montrose, CO on Saturday Sep 15th with a 5 pm drivers meeting place we will introduce everyone and do tech inspections. 

Summary: Fall Adventure is a 5 day (Monday through Friday) expedition-style adventure. The diversified trails offered on this excursion not only offer those memorable moments but also deliver the additional benefit of being in one of the most remote destinations in the country.

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