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About 4Xploring

Mission Statement

"To bring off-road enthusiasts together for shared experiences that connect us all."

Bob and Mary Levenhagen - 4Xploring

About 4Xploring™


Bob Levenhagen, a diehard Jeep® enthusiast founded 4Xploring (pronounced Four Exploring) as an organization for off-road enthusiasts to engage in—and savor the lifestyle that is— Jeep®. 4Xploring is committed to promoting responsible adventure travel and outdoor recreation. friends, new and old, go through exciting experiences and challenges together, ultimately testing both the driver and the vehicle’s capabilities. 4Xploring has been forged to showcase the capability of your Jeep vehicle and the lifestyle it encourages. Are you ready to reach your potential? To travel the road that lies ahead? All it takes is a Jeep, a spirit that craves wanderlust, learning new things, and the ability to have a good time with fellow off-road fanatics from all walks of life.


TNT Customs is committed to designing original and innovative parts for Jeep® offroad enthusiasts. TNT Customs and 4Xploring will help you “Master Your Terrain”

How do we go 4Xploring

We simply ask you to place your trust (and your wellbeing) in your Trail Boss™ as he takes you on a “blind” adventure to explore roads far less traveled. 4Xploring does all the work; the only thing you need to do is follow along to your ultimate destination! We plan the route, arrange the accommodations, and devise the challenges! It’s a test of spirit and machine, intended to bring out the best in both. Invitations are limited to six (6) vehicles to maximize the experience and the feeling of true off-roading adventure. We highly encourage early submittal of your application to reserve your spot. There are specific requirements associated with the adventure you choose; these can be reviewed on our requirements page.

For information on our upcoming trips please visit our adventures section. If you’re interested in a particular trip just click the “Apply Online” button or send us an email and we can answer all of your questions. Participant applications, once submitted will be reviewed to ensure each vehicle meets the minimum trail requirements for the adventure chosen. We do not require your vehicle to have specific brands of parts, however, some adventures may require specific additional equipment. We encourage you to view the event schedule to determine if you and your Jeep are equipped for a particular challenge.

Bob and the 4Xploring team have put countless hours of preparation into each event they host to create an original lifestyle experience for each adventurer—every time. Bob maps out each destination and then puts on the tires—testing pavement, dirt and rocks during a pre-run of the route(s). Top-notch support staff is chosen and trained, and local venues are thoroughly checked and scrutinized.

You’ll be wheeling far from any beaten path, and you’ll immerse yourself in unique experiences to find a new appreciation for your Jeep. Spending time in the great outdoors, while creating lasting friendships with other off-roading enthusiasts is what we are about.

BIO - Bob Levenhagen

Bob Levenhagen

Bob grew up in Wisconsin, spending summers “up north” in the woods of northern Wisconsin where he learned to enjoy the outdoors while roaming forest roads with his grandfather, Arthur. Bob’s father, Robert, who enjoyed summer road trips with the family, introduced Bob to the “West” and the majesty of vast expanses and imposing vistas.

On one particular summer road trip, while enjoying the grandeur of the Grand Tetons outside of Jackson Hole, Bob (then just a teenager) decided he would one day leave Wisconsin and “settle out west”. Enlisting in the US Air Force at age 18, Bob’s military career spanned 20 years—taking him to destinations across the globe. His last assignment found him at the FE Warren AFB in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He was finally “home”. Taking after his grandfather, Bob’s love for seeing what lies over the next hill and exploring each and every road’s end has shaped him into the explorer he is today.

We love building Jeeps and Jeep parts...

However, nothing compares to the love we have for the trail.

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