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4Xploring Let's Explore the Back Country

2021 Fall Adventure Recap

Into the Swell – San Rafael Swell, UT
October 18-22, 2021

On this adventure, we had nine 4×4 vehicles:  5 Jeep Gladiators, 1 classic Jeep Commanche pickup, 2 Jeep Wrangler JKURs and a Jeep Wrangler TJ.  We explored large areas of the San Rafael Swell in central Utah.  We saw slot canyons, ancient pictographs, incredible rock formations, wild horses, the ever-amazing Reds Canyon, explored old mines and even drove through a water crossing and a little snow.  We also camped out under the stars and had some epic, gourmet-style camp meals!

Here are some notes on this adventure from participant Wayne Bennett. More photos from this awesome adventure follow. Highlights of the first day of the 4Xploring Fall Adventure in the San Raphael Swell were a hike through a long, narrow slot canyon and a challenging stream crossing. As usual we finished up with a delicious meal and visit around a campfire.

4Xploring Fall21 First Night Dinner
Our group's evening-before meet up at Duke’s Slickrock Grill in Hanksville, Utah. Nine Jeeps and 14 adventurers.
Me in a long narrow slot canyon in Little Wildhorse Canyon. It got much narrower than even this but was fun and scenic.
4Xploring Fall21 MaryBobWill
Mary, Bob and Will preparing a delicious meal while we relax and visit. Levenhagens will spoil you on their 4Xploring trips!

Snow, Reds Canyon views, going under I-70 bridges, a little rock crawling and a world class campsite highlighted the second leg of our Fall Adventure in the San Raphael Swell with 4Xploring.

4Xploring Fall21 Pitcher Arch
Our group below the magnificent Pitcher Arch.
4Xploring Fall21 Under Bridges
Driving under the bridges of I70
4Xploring Fall21 RedsCanyon
Amazing view of Reds Canyon.

After a night In Hanksville, we started the third leg of 4xploring’s Fall Adventure on the challenging and scenic Behind the Reef trail. Then we passed by some of the Swell’s wild horses on the way down into Reds Canyon.

Behind the Reef Trail
This 4WD Low Range section of Behind the Reef trail got our adrenaline pumping a bit.
Exploring an old mine
We explored the old abandoned Tomsich Butte uranium mine.
Wild Horses
Herds of wild horses populate the San Raphael Swell.

Reds Canyon scenery, old uranium mines, and ancient Indian pictographs highlighted the last leg of the 4Xploring Fall Adventure.

4Xploring Fall21 Reds Canyon Mines
We explored several old abandoned uranium mines in Reds Canyon.
4Xploring Fall21 Dutchman Arch
Our group on top of Dutchman Arch.
4Xploring Fall21 Vehicles
All of the vehicles on this adventure.
4Xploring Fall21 Sunset
The canyon walls glowed with the power of the sun.
4Xploring Fall21 Sunset2
Now that is one incredible sunset!
4Xploring Fall21 BobCookingl
Bob cooking up another fantastic meal.
4Xploring Fall21 Ancient Pictographs
Ancient pictographs.
4Xploring Fall21 Snowy Smile
This smile says it all!
4Xploring Fall21 Colorful Layers
Utah has many interesting rock formations and colorful layers.
4Xploring Fall21 Shelf Road
Shelf roads are common in the San Rafael Swell.
4Xploring Fall21 Arch Laughs
Having a great time on top of a natural stone arch.
4Xploring Fall21 Old Cabin
A stop to check out an old building.
4Xploring Fall21 Canyon
Utah scenery never fails to amaze us!
4Xploring Fall21 Sheltered Campsite
We found an excellent sheltered camp site.
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