Adventure Requirements

Vehicle Requirements

4Xploring will conduct vehicle inspections prior to the adventure departure.
A participant’s vehicle needs to meet the minimum requirements, as appropriate for the event.

  • Vehicle must be street legal – licensed, insured and in good mechanical order
  • Vehicle must be able to safely maintain 65 MPH on pavement
  • Vehicle is required to be 4WD with operational low range capability
  • Vehicle must have factory installed roll bar or unmodified hardtop at a minimum
  • Vehicle must have functioning seat belts/restraints for all occupants.
  • Restraints must be worn at all times.
  • Vehicle must have 200 mile fuel range capability (NOTE: Adventures requiring increased capacity/range – will be clearly stated)
  • Vehicle must have operational GMRS communications radio (handheld or vehicle-mounted)
  • Vehicle must have functional mechanical battery hold down
  • Vehicle must have matching spare tire – both in size and wheel bolt pattern
  • Vehicle must carry appropriate jack and tools to change a tire in any conditions
  • Vehicle should have a winch of suitable rating, tree saver, snatch block, shackles (depending on the event, a winch may be required)
  • Vehicle must have recovery gear – tow strap, shackles, etc.
  • Vehicle must have safety gear – to include: Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit.  Spill Kit recommended.
  • Vehicle must carry emergency water/food rations for all occupants to last at least 24 hours
  • 35″ Minimum Tire Size for 5-6 rated events. Recommend one locking differential
  • 37″ Minimum Tire Size for 7-8 rated events. Front and rear locking differentials required
  • 40” Minimum Tire Size for 9-10 rated events. Front and rear locking differentials required
  • 9-10 Rated Events require a full roll cage and race style harnesses are recommended
    NOTE: Longer wheelbase (e.g. 4 door) vehicles may require larger than the minimum recommended tire size for the event, at the discretion of staff.

Participant Requirements

  • Alcoholic beverages are NOT ALLOWED on roads or trails! Use is only permissible – when the driving day is done and vehicles are parked. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Appropriate outdoor clothing is important! Weather is unpredictable, have appropriate clothing for outdoor activities.  4Xploring will release a pre-trip “what to expect” suggested item list prior to the event. Our recommendation: LAYERS! Good gloves for the hands, good beanie for your head, good socks and hiking boots.
  • Remember, loose fitting layers keep you warmer. 
  • Rain gear is recommended
  • Drinking water is extremely important, 3 day supply is highly recommended
  • Insect repellent is recommended
  • Sunblock is recommended
  • At least basic tools and spare parts (such as an extra engine air filter in dusty environments) are recommended

4Xploring staff will conduct events that have overnight primitive camping. 4Xploring will release a suggested item list for these adventures. Please keep in mind, items must be stowed in your vehicle – size and weight can be a concern.

Primitive Camping Requirements:

  • Quality tent/shelter of suitable size for driver and passenger
  • Sleeping bags rated to keep driver and passenger warm (a bag rated for 20°F colder than expected night temperatures is strongly recommended)
  • Suitable sleeping mat, air mattress, etc.
  • Means to pack out your trash (includes human waste!)