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4Xploring Let's Explore the Back Country

2019 Fall Adventure Recap

The San Rafael Swell, UT, AZ
September 30 – October 4, 2019

On this adventure, we explored the San Rafael Swell portion of central Utah.  We saw ancient petroglyphs and pictographs, drove up over 10,000 feet of elevation to see some amazing fall colors, came across some old mines and mining equipment, saw a herd of wild horses, and ran some of the more notable and challenging trails in the area, 

Here are some notes on this adventure from participant Wayne Bennett.  

I’ve long wanted to explore the remote and rugged San Rafael Swell west of Green River, Utah. When 4xploring offered a trip there for their Fall Adventure 2019 I jumped at the chance to join them. I wasn’t disappointed!

4Xploring Fall19 Pictographs
We entered the Swell from the North. There we found the Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel. A work from about 2,000 years ago.
4Xploring Fall19 Dessert
Bob Levenhagen served Dutch Oven blackberry/apple cobbler with ice cream for dessert. Who ever heard of having ice cream while camping? We did! 😋
4Xploring Fall19 Alcove Campfire
We had quite a fire that night. I’m sure passers-by over on I-70 wondered what was going on.
4Xploring Fall19 Devils Racetrack
Here's a picture of my Jeep on the Devil's Racetrack trail, one of the more challenging trails in the Swell.
4Xploring Fall19 BehindTheReef
Starting on the difficult portion of the Behind the Reef Road.
4Xploring Fall19 Breakfast
Chef Bob Levenhagen does a reveal on his scrumptious Dutch Oven breakfast. You always eat well on a 4xploring trip. And no cooking or clean up!
4Xploring Fall19 Eva Conover
The Eva Conover road was scenic. Could have posted another dozen photos just of it.
4Xploring Fall19 Eagle Canyon
In Eagle Canyon, driving under the I-70 bridges.
4Xploring Fall19 Temple Mountain
Temple Mountain was a major uranium mining area. Uranium from these mines was shipped to Los Alamos and used to develop the first atomic bomb.
4Xploring Fall19 Mining Equipment
This was part of an old mining operation, to get ore down the mountain.
4Xploring Fall19 Colors
The Aspens were exploding with fall colors.
4Xploring Fall19 Swell Rocks
This shows why it's called the Swell: giant rocks swelled up from underground ages ago.
4Xploring Fall19 Canyon
A huge hole is in the side of the rock canyon wall.
4Xploring Fall19 Descent
Jeeps descending a steep staircase on the Devil's Racetrack trail.
4Xploring Fall19 Stew
A fantastic biscuits and stew meal was served!
4Xploring Fall19 Petroglyphs
Ancient petroglyphs still exist for our amazed viewing.
4Xploring Fall19 LineUp
Jeeps are lined up on the trail for the next leg of our adventure.
4Xploring Fall19 Wild Horses
We saw a herd of wild horses roaming the prairies.
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