Welcome to Atlanta

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Welcome to 4Xploring

2021 is just around the corner and we have dialed in a destination for everyone!

4Xploring is a venue for off-road enthusiasts to engage in—and savor the lifestyle that is— Jeep® off-road.

4Xploring is committed to promoting responsible adventure travel and outdoor recreation. Participating members go through exciting experiences and challenges, ultimately testing both the driver and the vehicle’s capabilities.

4Xploring has been forged to showcase the capability of your Jeep® vehicle and the lifestyle it encourages.

A Few Words About 4X

We’re bringing off-road enthusiasts together for shared experiences that connect us all. Bob and the 4Xploring™ team put countless hours of preparation into each trip they host to create an original lifestyle experience for each adventurer—every time.

Industry Leader Bob Levenhagen in Raw Form.

In this short interview we sit down with Bob and see how his life in the Wheelin’ world all began.

Need Armor?

We have everything for your Jeep.

See what's new in the shop?

Custom Jeep Builds is our Forte.

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