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4Xploring Let's Explore the Back Country

2021 Northwoods Getaway Recap

North woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern Wisconsin
September 20-24, 2021

On this extremely family-friendly adventure, we had nine 4×4 vehicles:  5 Jeep Gladiators, 1 classic Jeep Commanche pickup, 2 Jeep Wrangler JKURs and a Jeep Wrangler TJ.  We explored the north woods of the U.P. of Michigan, moving on to northern Wisconsin.  Along the way we saw the shores of Lake Superior, explosive fall colors, and even got to go canoeing and ride a ferry.

4Xploring Northwoods21 Rocky Shore
Some of the rocky shore on Lake Superior.
4Xploring Northwoods21 Beach Camping
Camping on the beach!
4Xploring Northwoods21 Teaching Food Prep
Mary, Chris and Jax preparing another epic camp meal.
4Xploring Northwoods21 Campfire
The group enjoying the campfire.
Sparticus leads the way
4Xploring Northwoods21 Beach Fun
Fun in the lake. The kids had a blast!
4Xploring Northwoods21 River
A beautiful river running through the forest.
4Xploring Northwoods21 Fall Colors
The fall colors were exploding in brilliant hues.
4Xploring Northwoods21 Food Prep 2
4Xploring Northwoods21 Food Prep 2
4Xploring Northwoods21 Hiking
Hiking through the woods.
4Xploring Northwoods21 Mushrooms
Brilliantly colored mushrooms.
4Xploring Northwoods21 Cave
A cave just off the trail.
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