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4Xploring Let's Explore the Back Country

2020 Fall Adventure Recap

North Rim of the Grand Canyon, AZ
October 19-23, 2020

On this adventure, we had Megalander, a RAM PowerWagon, 1 Jeep Gladiator, a Jeep Wrangler JK and 2 JK Unlimiteds, a Jeep TJ and a TJ Unlimited, a built Jeep Grand Cherokee and a classic 1958 Jeep Wagon.  We explored most of the Eastern portion of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Along the way, we walked through slot canyons, went on some hikes, did some rock climbing, visited an old one-room school house, saw ancient petroglyphs and found perhaps the only remaining ancient pictographs where the colors were preserved.  We had some truly epic camp sites, both in the woods and along the rim of the Grand Canyon, and had some utterly fantastic meals.

Here are some notes on this adventure from participant Wayne Bennett.  More photos from this awesome adventure follow.

4XPLORING Fall Adventure Part 1 – North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Great scenery, great food and great belly (Whoops… Well they do serve awfully good food and lots of it😉).

4Xploring Fall20 Canyon
Just one of the many, many spots we stopped to view the majestic Grand Canyon
4Xploring Fall20 Mary and Bob
Mary holding Bob Levenhagen’s hand. After decades together still sweethearts. I love it!
4Xploring Fall20 Biscuits
You won’t go hungry on a 4Xploring trip!

Grand Canyon West. More awesome views and awesome food on the West side of the Grand Canyon. Thanks to our Trail Boss, Bob Levenhagen and his entire crew for putting together such an epic adventure and for preparing his culinary delights for us!

4Xploring Fall20 Canyon Rim
My JK at the edge of the most incredible view I’ve ever seen
4Xploring Fall20 Colorado River
Wow! Incredible view and we got to camp here!
4Xploring Fall20 Canyon Views
View of the Grand Canyon from the West side.
4Xploring Fall20 Slot Canyon
We explored a long slot canyon that had some amazing ancient petroglyphs at the end.
4Xploring Fall20 Petroglyphs
These petroglyphs, and more, were at the end of the slot canyon.
4Xploring Fall20 Canyon Day1
This was just our first of many views of the Grand Canyon.
4Xploring Fall20 Group PhotoOp
The group stops at the edge of the Grand Canyon to take some incredible photos.
Alex and Mary rest on a convenient bench right by the edge of the canyon.
4Xploring Fall20 AmazingShapes
There are so many amazing colors and shapes within the Grand Canyon.
4Xploring Fall20 GreenValley
A green valley at the bottom of yet another section of the Grand Canyon.
4Xploring Fall20 Amazing
Amazing doesn't even begin to describe it.
4Xploring Fall20 Dinner
And to top it off, the food was as amazing as the views.
4Xploring Fall20 Trackbar
Sometimes "stuff happens" - like needing to fix a trackbar. But there were plenty of tools and everyone pitched in and quickly got it fixed.
4Xploring Fall20 Sunset
Sunset at camp. Seriously epic.
4Xploring Fall20 School House
We visited a historic one-room school house, which had lots of information and displays inside.
4Xploring Fall20 RockClimbing
Rock climbing, anyone?
4Xploring Fall20 LongWayDown
It's a long way down to the Colorado river!
4Xploring Fall20 Breakfast
Breakfast is comin' right up!
4Xploring Fall20 BestCampspot
Best. Camp spot. Ever.
4Xploring Fall20 Color Pictographs
These are some unbelievably rare pictographs, in their original colors. They are preserved from the sun in a cave.
4Xploring Fall20 Classic
Once a classic, always a classic.
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