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4Xploring Let's Explore the Back Country

2021 Spring Adventure Recap

Hole in the Rock Trail, UT
May 17-21, 2021

On this adventure, we had six 4×4 vehicles:  2 Jeep Gladiators, 1 Jeep Wrangler TJ Unlimited, 1 classic 1974 Ford Bronco, and 2 Jeep Wrangler JKUs.  We explored Southeastern Utah.  We saw several ancient ruins and petroglyphs, culminating in 3 days on the famous Hole in the Rock trail.  We also camped out under the stars and had some epic, gourmet-style camp meals!

Here are some notes on this adventure from participant Wayne Bennett.  More photos from this awesome adventure follow.

Day 1, 4Xploring Spring Adventure 2021. Hidden Anasazi cliff dwelling, Comb Ridge shelf road and Arch Canyon highlighted the day.

4Xploring Spring21 Ancient Ruins
Mary photographs the hidden, out of the way, well preserved, cliff dwelling that Bob led us to.
4Xploring Spring21 Wash
Sparticus leads us through incredible views in Arch Canyon.
4Xploring Spring21 Night Campfire
Sharing stories around a campfire with friends new and old caps off a perfect day.

Day 2 of 4Xploring Spring Adventure. Route from Arch Canyon to Hall’s Crossing. Great scenery and another ancient ruin to explore.

4Xploring Spring21 Back Road
Taking the back roads provided some great scenery.
4Xploring Spring21 Ancient Dwelling
Ancient cliff dwelling to explore along the way.
4Xploring Spring21 Lake Powell
Relaxing by Lake Powell while chef Levenhagen prepares another hot and tasty meal.

4Xploring Spring Adventure days 3, 4, & 5 – Hole in the Rock trail. This legendary trail is or should be on the bucket list for every serious 4-wheeler. Blazed by the Morman Pioneers to create a shortcut from Escalante to Bluff throug wild,rough, inhospitable country over the winter of 1879-80. Even our best built Jeeps cannot negotiate sections that their wagons did over 140 years ago. But the sections we could and did follow were exhilarating!

4Xploring Spring21 The Chute
The Chute. Fun and iconic section of the trail.
4Xploring Spring21 Camp
Relaxing and visiting while Bob cooks the evening meal.
4Xploring Spring21 Trails End
We reached the end of Hole in the Rock trail.
4Xploring Spring21 Jeep Dog
Kona and Russell during a stop.
4Xploring Spring21 Gladiator
Wayne on a shelf road.
4Xploring Spring21 Gladiator Descent
Sparticus descending the rocks just before getting to The Chute on Hole in the Rock trail.
4Xploring Spring21 Rigs
The rigs on a shelf road, overlooking a valley below.
4Xploring Spring21 Valley
A fantastic green valley off to the side of the Hole in the Rock trail.
4Xploring Spring21 Sunset
Sunset at camp.
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