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4Xploring Let's Explore the Back Country

2021 Morrison Adventure Recap

Northern Wyoming and Southern Montana
August 11-15, 2021

On this adventure, we had six 4×4 vehicles:  2 Jeep Gladiators, 1 built Jeep Grand Cherokee, and 3 Jeep Wrangler JKURs.  We explored northern Wyoming and southern Montana, mostly in the Beartooth mountains, with the highlight being the famous Morrison Jeep Trail on the first day.  This trail is a shelf road with over twenty steep switchbacks that go up the side of a mountain.  The views on this trail are amazing.  Midway through this adventure we ran the Hellroaring Trail in southern Montana, and after that we ran the Benbow trail in south central Montana.  

Here are some notes on this adventure from participant Wayne Bennett.  More photos from this awesome adventure follow.

Flat tire on the Morrison switchbacks and a grizzly in a field to start our 4Xploring Morrison Adventure. Day one of our three day adventure was epic.

4Xploring Morrison21 FlatTire
Can you think of a worse place to have a flat than on the steep switchbacks of the Morrison Jeep Trail? Bob and Christopher got it changed!
4Xploring Morrison21 YoungGrizzly
A young/adolescent grizzly bear meandered through a field. He didn't have any interest in us.
4Xploring Morrison21 ChiliDinner
The chili smelled great, and was delicious, as was the Dutch oven cornbread which could have been a meal in itself.

Finishing the Morrison, then Beartooth Hwy, Hellroaring Creek Rd, and the start of Benbow Jeep trail highlighted our second day of our 4Xploring.com Morrison Adventure. Chef Levenhagen’s incredibly delicious supper was amazing! You always eat very well on a 4Xploring adventure.

4Xploring Morrison21 BreakfastBurritos
Christopher serving delicious breakfast burritos!
4Xploring Morrison21 BeartoothHwy
The Beartooth highway provides beautiful high mountain scenery.
4Xploring Morrison21 Dinner
A new masterpiece! Tasted as good as it looks. Mary lays down sausage slices while Bob looks on.

Our third day found us on the Benbow Jeep Trail to the Benbow Mine and Mill. More good food and good company for our final day on the trails. We’re already talking about the next 4Xploring adventure.

4Xploring Morrison21DutchOvenBreakfast
Bob preparing another delicious breakfast while we relax.
4Xploring Morrison21 BenbowMill
The Benbow Mill. Lots of steel in this!
4Xploring Morrison21 PepperSteakSupper
Bob starting our excellent pepper steak supper meal.
4Xploring Morrison21 Trail Sign
The sign to the start of the Morrison Jeep Trail.
4Xploring Morrison21 Tricky Switchback
This was on one of the trickiest switchbacks.
4Xploring Morrison21 Trail View
Epic view of the canyon below the Morrison Jeep Trail.
4Xploring Morrison21 Hellroaring Sign
A sign we love to see! At the beginning of the Hellroaring trail.
4Xploring Morrison21 Jeeps on Hellroaring
Jeeps climbing the Hellroaring trail.
4Xploring Morrison21 Hellroaring View
The view of isolated lakes after a short hike from Hellroaring plateau.
4Xploring Morrison21 Benbow
This is the sign at the beginning of the Benbow Jeep Trail.
4Xploring Morrison21 WaterCrossing
Bob guides a Jeep through the rocky water crossing on the Benbow Jeep Trail.
4Xploring Morrison21 Mountain Top
Rigs on the mountain top, with epic views!
4Xploring Morrison21 Trail Signage
Informational signs about this area of the Abasroka-Beartooth Wilderness
4Xploring Morrison21 Jeeps Lined Up
Participant vehicles lined up in the Beartooth mountains
4Xploring Morrison21 Mountain Lake
A very scenic Beartooth Mountains lake
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