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4Xploring Let's Explore the Back Country

Canyon Views Adventure 2019

April 28 – May 3, 2019

New for 2019, the 4Xploring™ Canyon Views is a 5 day, Monday through Friday overland expedition into the Arizona Strip. The event is limited to 6 qualified vehicles; this trip is unscripted and will be used to determine the possibility of making it an official trip for the 2020 season. Potential guests are required to submit a resume and pictures of their vehicle. Guests will be hand selected by the Trail Boss after completing a phone interview. The Canyon Views expedition begins in Mesquite, NV on Sunday Apr 28th with a 6 pm drivers meeting where we will introduce everyone, do tech inspections and get the maps out. 

This is a once in a lifetime adventure where we will experience incredible scenery, views and vistas; drive miles and miles of dusty roads, wander aimlessly, and quite possibly get lost together. The diversified trails in the Arizona Strip do not require massively built vehicles – but they do require reliable equipment due to the vast area and extremely limited resources. You MUST be self-sufficient; knowledgeable and experienced in navigation, vehicle repair and recovery, and self-aide / buddy care. 

There will be camping along the trail, campfires and breath taking scenery and terrain that varies from 2-track to mild rock crawling. On this adventure we will travel almost entirely off highway, you will need to be equipped for dry camping along the trail for multiple days. Average high temperatures are between 60 & 80+ degrees and average lows are between 30 & 50 degrees.

NOTE: This trip requires extra fuel carried on board your vehicle, you must carry enough fuel to re-fuel your vehicle once or 20g minimum.

Participation will be determined by a resume process. Applicants need to submit 3 photos of their rig and describe in detail their desires and abilities to participate in this adventure. Participants must also complete phone interview.

Colorful Grand Canyon
Arizona Strip map

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