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4Xploring Let's Explore the Back Country

North Rim 101 Adventure 2019

May 28 – May 24, 2019

Are you looking to expand your off-roading experience beyond a day or weekend trip? Are you interested in a multi-day off-road adventure – where the journey and camaraderie are the principal go al? Join us as we take you on an adventure into the unknown and show you what back country extended travel is all about. On this “101” trip we will demonstrate basic overland skills – campsite selection and setup, outdoor cooking, navigation, gps mapping, vehicle prep and recovery. This excursion will be organic; based on trail conditions, weather, scenery and the general consensus of the group. We have a beginning and end point, however what happens between those two points is based on the before mentioned factors.

North Rim 101 Adventure begins at Overland Expo West held outside of Flagstaff AZ.  We leave the Expo grounds promptly at 1 p.m.  Please be fueled and ready to depart.

Day passes are available here:


The group is limited to ten (10) 4WD vehicles crewed by a driver and co-pilot. Minimum vehicle requirements: 33″ or larger tires, operational winch, recovery gear, matching spare, jack and tools to change your tire – rear locker highly recommended.  Must carry 5 gallons of reserve fuel. Every participant will be expected to be self-sufficient. You are responsible for your vehicle, sleeping arrangements (tent / sleep system), personal hygiene, fuel and expenses. While bivouacked, all meals will be provided so no cooking gear is required. Our experienced team members will be along offering training, guidance and assistance where needed.

There are several hikes on this adventure, come prepared with proper clothing and foot wear.

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Colorful Grand Canyon
Very colorful desert rocks
Wire Pass petroglyphs
Western sky at sunset
Roaring campfire
Line of Jeeps on the trail in Utah
Blue Jeep on the trail
Bob Levenhagen serving breakfast at camp
Circle of campers around the campfire
Wire pass petroglyphs
Wire Pass petroglyph
Swirls and cones in the Utah desert
Purple sunset in the desert
Colorful slot canyon
Petrified dinosaur footprint
North rim of the Grand Canyon
Bench at the north rim of the Grand Canyon
North rim of the Grand Canyon
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