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4Xploring Let's Explore the Back Country

Morrison Adventure 2019

Aug 29 – Sept 2, 2019

The Morrison Trail is an iconic Jeep trail that should be on your bucket list… if you can stomach a very narrow shelf road and the 28 switchbacks (or so depending on what you count) to get to the panoramic views at the top. This trail is for advanced drivers only – trailers are not welcome, once you start the climb up the switchbacks – there is nowhere to turn back. All of the switchbacks are multiple point turns for anything but very short wheelbase rigs. You will be off camber while climbing – there is no room for error, no winch points if you get into trouble and you can literally hear the edges of the cliff crumbling away as you drive in some areas.

Technical Rating: (6-8) (MODERATE – DIFFICULT)

Our adventure begins in the northern Wyoming town of Cody. Cody was founded by Colonel William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, who passed through the region in the 1870s. Please arrive early if you plan to explore this historic city, being as it’s 53 miles from Yellowstone National Park there are many great sites to see. Friday morning will lead us out of town and to the trailhead, where we will embark on an epic journey along the Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone river, up and over the Morrison and into the high country of WY and MT.

Morrison Jeep Trail from above

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