Last Man Standing Adventure 2018

Aug 04 – Aug 11, 2018

The 4Xploring Last Man Standing Challenge is a 7-day (Saturday through Saturday), ironman event. This event is limited to 10 vehicles to make it an intimate experience for drivers. The LMS Challenge begins in Montrose, CO, on Saturday, Aug 4th, with a 5:00 PM drivers meeting where we will introduce everyone, do technical inspections and distribute some 4Xploring gear!

Here’s what you’ll be getting yourself and your Jeep® into on the Last Man Standing Challenge: This expedition is all about extreme wheeling challenges. The 4Xploring team has put together a route to conquer the most extreme Jeep trails in Colorado. Are you and your Jeep® up to 7, non-stop days over 600 continuous miles without a trailer? Yes, that’s right—this is a driver, co-pilot and machine against-all-odds adventure to see who is, the Last Man Standing. You will need to be prepared and self-sufficient. Jeeps® will break and parts will fail, so you’ll need to know your vehicle well and be able to perform a repair or patch it in order to complete the challenge. Please note we said “break” and “fail”—not wear out. Don’t show up for the trip with your Jeep® in need of maintenance. It must be in top running order, with all components in tip-top shape.

On this adventure, we will travel mostly on secondary highways to connect to the trails on the agenda—this means 65 MPH driving speeds. You will need to be prepared and self-sufficient for dry camping. We do have strategically placed, improved campgrounds and hotels along the way for showers and relaxation. On this adventure, we will encounter average high temperatures between 70 and 90+ degrees, average lows between 40 and 60 degrees and elevations over 12,000 ft. Be prepared for all weather conditions.