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4Xploring Let's Explore the Back Country


2023 Spring Expedition

Monday, May 15 – Saturday May 20

The 4Xploring™ Spring Expedition is a 6 day, Monday through Saturday adventure in the remote reaches of Utah’s Canyonlands. We will meet in Bluff, UT on Sunday at 5:00 PM for a driver’s meeting, where we will introduce everyone, get acquainted and do tech inspections. Join our host and resident Trail Boss Bob Levenhagen on a 5 night and 6 day guided Overland Adventure thru the best of Southern Utah’s Canyonlands. Our guide is also your personal camp chef and will be cooking cowboy delights for you while you are in primitive camp settings – just like the days of old wagon trains, we circle the jeeps around the campfire while camp cookie prepares gourmet meals for you. The terrain we will cross is a combination of gravel road, two track, washes and rocks – 35″ tire should be considered the minimum.

Want to see the most remote part of Canyonlands NP and Capitol Reef NP? This is the adventure for you! We begin in Bluff, UT and head the “wagons” west retracing the steps and path of the pioneers along a portion of the Emigrant trail. We veer off that trail to gain some altitude, keep watch you may see some Bear’s Ears in the distance. Next up we wander towards the southern reaches of Canyonlands and cross the mighty Colorado where we turn north along the iconic Flint Trail. On this leg of our adventure we will see a small amount of pavement, a good portion of backcountry limited maintenance gravel and a healthy dose of 4LO – on this leg of our journey is where the extra fuel will come into play. With the water levels at a historical low in Lake Powell the BLM/NPS has closed the marina and gas station at Hite (see note below) Do Not mistake this 300 miles as easy, better than 2/3 of the total miles will be in lo range where fuel consumption will be in single digit mpg.

After a night in the second hotel we will head out and explore the Henry Mountains, traverse the Water Pocket Fold where we the iconic Burr Trail switchbacks, to make our way up and out of Capitol Reef NP on Saturday morning.

Let us tell you a little bit about what you are getting yourself and your Jeep into. Do you like adventure, overland style wheeling and extreme remote areas? There will be camping along the trail, campfires and breathtaking scenery. On this adventure we will travel entirely off highway, you will need to be self-sufficient for primitive camping along the trail. We will not see pavement or civilization for the entire week.. Average high temperatures are between 60 & 80 degrees and average lows are between 30 & 50 degrees.

NOTE: Leg 1 of this trip will cover aprox 300 miles with no fuel stop. This trip requires extra fuel capacity on board your vehicle, 20 gallons at the minimum for average gas wranglers/gladiators, 10 gallons for diesel i.e. gladiators/wranglers

Burr Trail Switchbacks
Carnitas El Diablo
Another amazing camp meal
Canyonlands River
Mexican Hat Rock
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