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2022 Wandering Wyoming - 101 Adventure

Friday Sept 2 – Sunday Sept 4

The Wandering Wyoming – 101 Adventure is a 3-day “hands-on” informational event.  We will meet in Pinedale, Wyoming on Thursday, September 1st at 5:00 PM for a driver’s meeting, where we will introduce everyone and get acquainted.

This adventure will include some basic “classes” designed to introduce you to some of the fundamentals of overlanding, all while traversing the great state that is Wyoming.

Wyoming is the 10th largest state geographically, and the least populated. Known as the Equality State, it is home to fossils, high plains, a desert, vast mountain ranges, and the country’s first national park. The expansion West crisscrossed Wyoming:  the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Pioneer Trail, and the California Trail all went through.  Pony Express riders also galloped across this state, along with numerous stage coach lines, and even the Transcontinental Railroad went through Wyoming.

This year we will begin in Pinedale and wander over the Wind River Range to get spectacular, far away views of the Grand Tetons, which is also a National Park, winding our way northwest to get an up close and personal view of the majestic peaks as we travel into western Idaho and end at the western gate of Yellowstone Park in the town of West Yellowstone.  Plan some extra vacation and take the family into the park and enjoy Wyoming before heading home.  Speaking of family, bring the kids!  This shorter adventure is perfect for the whole family.

Campers around the campfire
Delicious camp meal being prepared
Map with compass
Northwest Wyoming
Yong Jaxon cooking an awesome camp meal on the Skottle
Campfire in an alcove in the San Rafael Swell, Utah
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