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Arizona Strip Adventure 2022

Monday Mar 14 – Saturday Mar 19

The 4Xploring™ Arizona Strip Adventure is a 6 day, Monday through Saturday adventure.  We will meet in Mesquite, Nevada on Sunday, March 13th at 5:00 PM for a driver’s meeting, where we will introduce everyone, get acquainted and do tech inspections.

The Arizona Strip is a vast arid region covering nearly 3 million acres, encompassing a variety of landscapes and climates. The extreme impossibility of crossing the Grand Canyon leaves this area isolated from the rest of the state to which it belongs, yet this area has played an important role in the natural and cultural history of the canyon.  Artifacts dating back 8,000 years indicate human habitation of this harsh landscape.  Europeans first visited the South Rim in 1540, but there’s no record of Europeans visiting the North Rim before 1776, when Father Escalante passed through the area.

On this trip we will head south from Mesquite, NV to explore old mining areas as we descend to the shores of Lake Mead, before heading East into the Arizona Strip.  We will explore historic ranches, mines, ancient petroglyph sites and even an old one-room schoolhouse along the Arizona Strip.  But the highlights will be views along seldom-seen sections of the North rim of the Grand Canyon.  This is an extremely long-distance adventure, where we will not see any sign of civilization except the one night we spend at a working cattle ranch for some R&R and a refuel.  


NOTE: This trip requires extra fuel capacity on board your vehicle, 20 GALLONS at the minimum.

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