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Rock N Woods Adventure 2022

Monday Jun 27 – Friday Jul 01

The annual 4Xploring™ Rock N Woods Adventure is a 5 day, Monday through Friday, challenge route event.   We will meet under the tent at Steel Wheel Campground, near Deadwood, South Dakota at 5:00 PM for a driver’s meeting, where we will introduce everyone, get acquainted and do tech inspections. The many diversified trails offered on this excursion offer hard-core rock crawling and memorable moments in the scenic Black Hills of South Dakota. 

Let us tell you a little bit about what you are getting yourself and your Jeep into. These are challenging trails – rocks, rocks and more rocks. Are you and your Jeep up to the challenge of 5 non-stop wheeling days? On this adventure we will travel on highways and county roads to the trails, this means road speeds up to 65 MPH. You will need to be prepared and self-sufficient, Jeeps will break and parts will fail so you’ll need to know your vehicle well and be able to wrench on it to repair or patch it in order to complete the week. Please note we said “break” and “fail”, not wear out!  Do not show up for the trip with your Jeep in need of maintenance – it needs to be in top running order with all components in tip top shape.

The 4Xploring™ team has put together a unique experience for you. We will be staying at Steel Wheel Campgrounds for the entire week and taking day trips from this location. Motorhomes, trailers and tents are welcome, the host facility even has cabins for rent available.

On this adventure we will encounter average high temperatures between 70-90+ °F and average lows between 40-60°F.  Be prepared for all weather conditions.

Important: All vehicles are REQUIRED to purchase and display a trail permit sticker. These can be obtained at a USFS office or online by clicking HERE

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